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What 4?

Toy Story 4 is out, and I don’t mean available for viewing in your local theaters … which it is … but ‘out’ in the sense that I’m not going to go see it, not even  when it eventually shows … Continue reading

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Not better, different

I moseyed over to the Gaylord Convention Center last Saturday to do my traditional one day attendance of Escape Velocity, the best little sci-con out there. ‘Mosey’ best describes it ‘cause I didn’t get there until about noon. Slowing down … Continue reading

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End of the Game

No, this is not a movie review. No spoilers, so relax. This is a eulogy. Because, with Marvel’s Infinity War: Endgame, a long and wonderful relationship comes to an end, and I give it a fond, sad, farewell. The Marvel … Continue reading

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Status Update

1. The last, final, almost-ready-to-go draft is back with Genghis Jayne for final bleed-outs. 2. The first, editor-ready draft is also with Genghis Jayne. Let the bleeding commence. 3. I opened this file on a whim and started reading and … Continue reading

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Turn it Up to 11

Lost Weekend 11, that is, which was held from the evening of 21 March through the evening of 24 March. Evening and beyond, more accurately. We left the Alamo each night about 0200, and returned by 0800 for the next … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Do Home Repairs

I have two universal rules: everything takes longer than you think; everything is harder than you think. Presented for your consideration: about three years ago, the bracket connecting my garage door to the garage drive train pulled right through the … Continue reading

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For Your Reading Pleasure

An unedited, raw, barely literate 1st draft chapter from the first-to-second draft of Looking for Don. Proof that it is, indeed, a work in progress. Go here.

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I tried. I really tried to like this game (The Road to Enlightenment). But, somewhere in the middle of Turn 2, I shook my head, put all the cards back in their decks and this puppy away. It wasn’t fun. … Continue reading

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Through a Glass Darkly

If you want to know what happened during the Korean War, this is the book you should read. Yes, yes, there are more recent ones with probably better access to newly declassified records but Fehrenbach’s is more contemporary, written in … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

Starting back in November, I ran a series of ads on various platforms for various books, specifically a. Pre-order a copy of Frank Vaughn Killed by his Mom b. Advertise the Ship trilogy c. Giveaway signed copies of the Ship … Continue reading

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