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Ragnarok versus Armageddon

              Of COURSE, I went to see Thor: Ragnorak. What did you expect? The surprise is that I also went to see Justice League because, really, it’s DC and I usually can’t be bothered. … Continue reading

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Outstanding in its Field

A few weeks ago, I listed the five best TV sitcoms in no particular order. I guess it should have been the top 6 sitcoms because I left out the Australian comedy, Rake. I’ll give myself an out by declaring … Continue reading

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Oh No, Not Again

I was at the laptop doing something unproductive around 8-ish last Wednesday night when my wife said there was a kitten at the door. I wasn’t expecting a kitten so went to look and sure enough, there’s a kitten at … Continue reading

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PSA’s Are the Devil

If the folks up there in DC are truly intent on cutting government waste (pause to let you finish laughing uproariously), then I volunteer the Public Service Announcements. The people producing them should be sent to Guantanamo and forced to … Continue reading

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Capclave 2017

Capclave 2017 was held last weekend in Gaithersburg and I went because I like Capclave. It is a rare opportunity for the Great Unwashed to mix with the better science fiction writers/editors/artists/booksellers/whatnot unencumbered by security lines and overpriced autograph fees … Continue reading

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Still Can’t Hang

Another Lost Weekend (number eight, to be exact) was held this past weekend at the Winchester Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (which is a national treasure) and no, I couldn’t do it. Not all twenty-five movies, no way. A combination of disinterest … Continue reading

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-2 Plus 2 is Zero

Netflix did two great Marvel series ― Daredevil and Jessica Jones…well, the first season of Daredevil, anyway. The second? Meh. There’s been no second season of Jessica Jones (yet) so it remains great. Netflix then did two not-so-great series: Luke … Continue reading

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Everything is Permitted

At some past con, the lovely and hilarious Jennifer Jayne introduced me to the Museum of Science Fiction, so when MSF put on Escape Velocity 2017 in downtown DC, I decided to take myself down there and see what fusses … Continue reading

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Can Die Now

A couple of May’s ago, I had double bypass surgery. Came completely out of the blue, like, I guess it does for anyone. I mean, it’s not like you get up one morning and say, “Hey, I think I’ll have … Continue reading

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Better Late than Never

I’ve never been a Led Zeppelin fan. Don, my best friend in high school, was a Zeppelin fanatic, almost making a religion out of them, but I didn’t see the attraction. I was more of a Deep Purple guy. Could … Continue reading

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