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Cat Connor Redux: Updates and a history lesson

The lovely, the talented, and bikini-less Cat Connor┬áhas graced these pages with another interview: 1. We’ve been hearing rumors of new books. What are these rumors? I, too, have heard the rumors…actually there is a good chance that I started … Continue reading

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Ho. Lee. Cap!

Finally went to see the new Captain America. It was out-freakin’-standing, better than the first one, which had a lot of annoying stop-action fighting sequences that interrupted the flow. Not this time. This was Cap kickin’ A and takin’ names. … Continue reading

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Random photos

Monday Night football, Eagles/Redskins, from the cheap seats: You’re not sitting here. You’re not: The last thing a mouse sees: Inside the gazebo of the von Stauffenberg summer house, Geislingen, Germany: Halloween, 2013: Peter Parker:    

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The Fonz is Revving the Bike

I DVR Community; heck, I DVR everything because it’s so much better to zip through commercials than suffer an aneurysm. So, I was prepped for Community‘s GI Joe episode by the blurb and didn’t immediately go “WTF?” when the cartoon … Continue reading

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