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Never Leaving the House. Except to go to Alamo.

  So, I watched a few clips from ComiCon 2015 (San Diego, of course) and here’s what’s coming: 1. The Punisher is joining Daredevil. And the Gladiator returns, as The Gladiator. And Elektra show up. Elektra. Oh, my God. 2. … Continue reading

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Free Beer!

At the Michigan J. Frog show. Not here. But tomorrow, 13 Jul 15, these books are free. At Amazon: 1. The Ship to Look for God 2. The Last Man in the World Explains All 3. The Moonlight in Genevieve’s Eyes Remember, a beer lasts ten minutes … Continue reading

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But Wait! There’s More!

Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing but shameless promotion these last couple of posts. But, at least the covers are pretty. Here’s one: and another: So, why these two covers? Glad you asked: along with The Ship to Look for God, both collections … Continue reading

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