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Take a look…

…at this site. I thought the Apache cemetery on Ft. Sill was tragic, but this… Hats off to Rosemarie & Wahnne Clark for their extraordinary efforts to restore this cemetery.  

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Virginia is now Canada

I don’t believe in Global Warming. I don’t believe in “Global” anything: global economy, globalization, global stupidity…well, maybe that last. Mother Earth took about a million years of asteroid pounding and volcanic eruption, brushed herself off and said, “That all you … Continue reading

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Tomb Stories: Fort Sill, OK

Set smack in the middle of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, is the Post Cemetery.                 Fido can’t get the plot next to you, apparently. There are some very interesting graves there, like these guys:      They were signatories to the … Continue reading

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Four Rounds with Apollo Creed

I’ve made it into the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, which is like surviving four rounds with Apollo Creed: you’re amazed you lasted this long, but don’t think you’re going much further. I’ve perused some of the … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: Where No Cat Has Gone Before

One day I was fulfilling Wander Cat prerogatives and climbed up on the roof just to see what was there. Nothing really, but the view was nice and I strolled around a bit admiring things, ending over the front porch, on … Continue reading

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All of this leads to a shameless plug

A pal of mine, Jose Bogran recently discussed tech in scifi, or, more accurately, writing low tech in scifi.  What was cutting edge in 1950′s Asimov is now quaint and laughable, and the scifi written today becomes outdated almost the moment it’s … Continue reading

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