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The Hard Part

No, not that. Revisions. That’s what I mean. See, writing a novel is easy. It just is. All you need is a story, time to write it, a place to write it, a medium (PC, writing pad, stone tablets, whatever) … Continue reading

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Put a Ship on Your Kindle…

…for 1.99. Through sometime on Monday, when I get around to changing the price back. Go to the home page and click on either Amazon or Smashwords. Yer choice.

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The heart of a cold woman

It’s evening, about 55 degrees. You see her approaching. Lovely: You smile as she gets closer: This is gonna be great… Next morning, it’s 17 degrees. And your wallet is gone.

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Vender, Vende, Vendor

  I went to Shatterdome in Herndon, VA this past weekend as a vender. Er, vendor. Whatever. Wasn’t really sure what a Shatterdome actually was, but, liked the word. Yes, yes, I saw Pacific Rim. Once. Cool movie, but I … Continue reading

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Arrow…or Hood, whatever.

I was never a DC Comics fan. Superman: invulnerable, strongest being in the universe, so where’s the challenge? Batman: just shoot the guy, will ya, Joker? And what’s with all these Bizarro Worlds and Alternate Earths? Let’s not forget the … Continue reading

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