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They Just Show Up

Yeah, I know, writing about writing is probably one of the most boring things a writer can do, but I ran headlong into an odd little phenomenon this morning and wondered what others thought of it: the unplanned character. This … Continue reading

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Xmas got an upgrade

Just sittin’at home on Christmas Eve plying myself with mutant antihistamines, zinc, and whiskey in a futile effort to stave off a Satanic cold, when, about noon, it started snowing:   Nice. Although, Gracie didn’t think much of it: Merry Christmas!

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Tomb Stories: Archer City Cemetery

Location: Archer City, TX Creepiness: 3 stars Coolness: 4 stars           The location in Larry McMurtry’s hometown gives this place a greater-than-average coolness factor, and being in the middle of a dead, dreary North Texas landscape … Continue reading

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The World Ends Friday. Get in the Mood with Free Moonlight

Personally, I think the Mayans working on that calendar just knocked off for lunch, but, you never know. So, to prepare yourself, Moonlight is free today and tomorrow. If we’re all still alive on Saturday, then you’ll have to pay. … Continue reading

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You’ve got to see this

This is just too funny for words: Why isn’t this on TV?  

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Indeed, it is

I got into a tweet with Chris Hill about Christmas decorations, and, well, here’s mine:   Take it away, Bart Simpson.

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