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Los Chermans

I did not know I had a German family until a few years ago…well, as a present and ongoing fact, I mean. I was adopted as a baby and raised ‘Murican, and supposed there were family members back in my … Continue reading

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Farpoint, the sequel

Today was the first full day of Farpoint. And it was…slow. Real slow. Okay, well, that’s a picture taken before it opened but, tell ya, it didn’t feel much busier throughout the day. It seemed like attendees were studiously avoiding … Continue reading

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Farpoint, Day 0

I am at Farpoint again this year because I like it. Intimate it is, cozy, demonstrated by the reading I did to an audience of exactly one. Hey, that’s one more than I had last year. I got there at … Continue reading

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Downturn Abbey

This is the last season of Downton Abbey. Thank God. It has had, in my opinion, five seasons too many. The first season was bloody perfect, just perfect. I loved it. I’m a fin de siècle kind of guy because … Continue reading

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