Farpoint, Day 0

I am at Farpoint again this year because I like it. Intimate it is, cozy, demonstrated by the reading I did to an audience of exactly one. Hey, that’s one more than I had last year.

I got there at about 3,and did my usual set up:

right next to the usual guy:

That’s Tj O’Connor, who’s real happy to be here. He’s sitting with his back to me:

That’s just dangerous.

Some other pre-opening action in the vendor area:

Yes, that’s Klingon Deadpool doing some early shopping.

It was snowing and about 5 degrees outside but there was a surprisingly active crowd, except for my reading. I had gourmet mac-and-cheese at the Meet-and-Greet, and went to a seminar hosted by Greg Wilson about speculative fiction business changes.

So, so far, not bad. We’ll see how Day One is.

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