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The Cryman

While The Ship Looking for God is marinading, I busted out another first draft that I hadn’t played with in a while called The Cryman. Apparently, it was QUITE a while because I was surprised to find that I had actually finished the … Continue reading

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Substance over form

I saw American Sniper last night at the local Carmike. I usually do not go to Carmike’s or AMC or the other big chain movie theaters; I go to Alamo. Why? Someone brings you beer at Alamo. They don’t bring … Continue reading

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MarsCon. Can. Con.

Saturday was the 25th Anniversary of Marscon, and since I had never been to the previous 24, what the heck. Drove 3-4 days down to Williamsburg, VA, checked into the Bates, er, Bassett Motel, and then moseyed over to the … Continue reading

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One and Done

One revision, I mean, the first revision of The Ship Looking for God. I finished it this weekend. And I like it. It turned out to be 82,921 words, which is still well above my 75,000-word threshold for epic fantasy. … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: Turn out the Lights

Another Christmas gone, and that D. Krauss guy can now stop acting like a giddy little school girl and get some work done. He keeps talking about all these revisions he has to do, but, trust me, y’all, half his day is … Continue reading

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