The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: Turn out the Lights

Another Christmas gone, and that D. Krauss guy can now stop acting like a giddy little school girl and get some work done. He keeps talking about all these revisions he has to do, but, trust me, y’all, half his day is spent on Twitter.

Do give the guy some credit, he DID take down all the decorations on New Year’s Day. Shame, ’cause I really liked the tree:

It was a great place to hide:

I did get some rather decent swag this year. No, not this stupid thing:


But, they’re all gone now. That D. Krauss guy used them to put away the decorations, which I think is a bit of a cheat. So, until they show back up next year, I’ll have to find some other place to hang out:

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