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The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: No Rest for the Weary

I don’t know what the deal is, but that Krauss guy is messed up right now: to the point it’s cramping my style. Used to leap onto his stomach and settle in for a nap, but now, the guy screams … Continue reading

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Bath Bath

Since my summer is pretty much shot down, what with three months of recovery to go through, thought I’d load up some photos from the trip to Germany earlier in the year. This is Baden Baden which got its start … Continue reading

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Rub Some Dirt on It

  I’m a guy. I’m not a particularly tough one, but I’ve had moments. Now, my brother, he’s a tough guy. Drives bulldozers and cranes and cement trucks, and once built an urban water filtration system with a paper clip … Continue reading

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