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Forsooth and Budweiser

Everyone knows the scifi grandmasters- Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein- but there’s another set, not so heralded- Moorcock, Wolfe, and Vance. Who? Oh, c’mon guys, you know: Michael Moorcock wrote The Dancers at the End of Time series (and a couple of … Continue reading

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It’s in the Blood

I watched the first episode of the BBC Dracula series on Netflix, and that’s probably the last episode I’ll watch because…well, because. What? The artistic license they took? No, I’m all for artistic license, especially between different mediums. Book is … Continue reading

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Bands I’ve Seen

1967, Enterprise, Alabama–  The Buckinghams They rocked. They truly rocked. 1970’s- can’t be more specific. It was the 70’s. Philadelphia, Dallas, Alabama, Atlantic City, upstate New York, DC…can’t be more specific. It was the 70s. Chicago, at least twice. Maybe … Continue reading

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