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Halfway there. Or 3/4. Not sure.

50,000 words. That’s where I am with the first draft of The Ship Finding God (NOTE: title is not a spoiler). I’m figuring at least another 25,000. Maybe more. ‘Cause existence, purpose, life, death, Heaven and Hell, need more than a … Continue reading

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Quest for People

I was perusing the local convention scene a couple of weeks ago and came across this: StarQuest, a Trekkie convention to be held in Frederick, MD, just a little ways down the road. Now, I am not a Trekkie. Sure, … Continue reading

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What’s a cat gotta do…

…to get a neck scratch around here? Assume the position, I guess: Roll around a little bit: Well? Sheesh, finally! Making me work too hard for this, Krauss. Keep it up, you’re gonna find a dead bird in your cereal.

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Get two (snap!), two (snap!) two books at once!

                                           I’m giving away ten copies of The Ship Looking for God on Goodreads. Winners also get a copy of … Continue reading

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Dover ComiCon 2015.

  One word summary: Wow. I mean, wow. Just wow. The little town of Dover, Delaware, a place familiar to we Air Force types who’ve traversed the nearby base at one time or another, had themselves a fine little Comicon. … Continue reading

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In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

              …both these Ebook titles remain 1.99. Helping you to stay informed, I am.

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