Quest for People

I was perusing the local convention scene a couple of weeks ago and came across this:

StarQuest, a Trekkie convention to be held in Frederick, MD, just a little ways down the road.

Now, I am not a Trekkie. Sure, in 1966 when Star Trek first came out, every Thursday evening I was glued to the RCA console just fascinated, fascinated. I, along with every other 6th grader in America, did the Vulcan salute and yelled “I need more power!” in my best Scots accent. But, when it ended, I was done with it. Never got into the follow-ons.

And I’d never been to a Trek Convention. Never had the interest. But this one looked like it had decent guests, including Teryl Rothery, Natalija Nogulich, Alexis Cruz, among others, and I figured, what the heck, set up a table, sell a few books, have some fun. So I went.

My set up:

which was next to the breakfast buffet:

Get a muffin, get a book.

My neighbor:

Hmm. Not a lot of Trek-themed items on the table.

The main vendor/celebrity area:

Hmm. Kinda sparse.

Except for the Farpoint guys. You can always count on the Farpoint guys.

Okay! All set. Open the doors!

Guess there must have been a transporter malfunction.

I went to dinner in Frederick (which is a happening town), packed up, and went home.


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