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Thomas Wolfe was right.

Every five years or so, I pick up Thomas Wolfe again…no, not that Tom Wolfe, the other Tom Wolfe, the one no one remembers or reads anymore. It takes that long between reads because, well, he’s not exactly easy going. “Turgid” would … Continue reading

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Feed me, and Beirut

Random videos: Greetings from the cat   Gracie’s “feed me” performance every morning about 0500. Nice legs. Beirut  Imagine listening to this all day, while you’re trying to write. Word is, we’re now getting a Dick’s Sporting Goods. So, whenever the … Continue reading

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There is No Sanctuary Yeah, there is. Libraries. Went to mine a couple of weeks ago and picked up these:   Already finished In the Light of What We Know, and I’m in the middle of The Eye of the World. So far, eh. … Continue reading

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