One and Done

One revision, I mean, the first revision of The Ship Looking for God. I finished it this weekend. And I like it.

It turned out to be 82,921 words, which is still well above my 75,000-word threshold for epic fantasy. The first draft was 90,666 words, so it looks like I did some serious cutting, doesn’t it? Not really; I had five pages of notes in the first draft, and all that went into the trash. The rest is due to tightening here and there, but I added some scenes, too, so it all sort of balances out.

And now, to put it away for a while. Maybe a week, a couple of weeks, a month. Because, right now, I feel pretty good about it. Downright pleased. Ready to commit.

The worst time, though, to propose marriage is right after the first date.

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