MarsCon. Can. Con.

Saturday was the 25th Anniversary of Marscon, and since I had never been to the previous 24, what the heck. Drove 3-4 days down to Williamsburg, VA, checked into the Bates, er, Bassett Motel, and then moseyed over to the con. And who were the first persons I saw? The 501st Legion:

They were having a meeting, or, at least, their version of a meeting, and told me to come back and have a drink with them after the meeting and, okay, but I needed to go back to the Bates, er, Basset (I kid. The Basset is a really nice mom-and-pop motel. The desk guy was a rheumy-eyed geezer straight out of central casting, and is just one of the best motel clerks in America) and put some stuff away first. When I came back, they were STILL having a meeting, or a reasonable facsimile, so, forget it. Back to the Bates.

My set up:

which was across from these guys:

(The SciFi Photo Guys, run by Penn and his manager. No, really, Penn. And his manager. Trust me.)

and next to the guy in the background of this photo of the Count from Sesame Street and Gypsy Woman:

the guy in the background being Ben Anderson, who has written a wonderful YA series called the The McGunnegal Chronicles. Get it. Read it to your kids. Make life magic.

The empty table between Ben and I belonged to a couple, Caren Green and Danny Birt, who met at a previous Marscon and decided to get married at this Marscon, hence the unattended table. They did show up on Sunday, where I discovered that they lived about three blocks away from me. First Tj O’Connor, now these two. We’re turning the Shenandoah Valley into a writer’s colony.

Some attendees:

A LARP, a beauty, and Ezio.

Captain America and Winter Soldier, the milder version.

I’m not really sure who they were supposed to be, but she had a flask, which makes both of them welcome. They commandeered the empty table and put on an impromptu concert:

Ballroom dancing Lolita. Okay.

The Yellow Brick Road.

Steampunk Buzz Lightyear.

When Worlds Collide.

Super Deadpool Jedi Scout Regiment girl, later adds Mad Hatter. Oh, yeah, Diana Prince, too.


Trooper and friend.

Sesame Street, without the Count.

While wandering about, I was accosted by a female Klingon Warrior:

Klingon romance involves a lot of broken bones, so I left.

The lovely Anna, hawking CapitolCon:

I think you can figure out who is the lovely Anna.

The guy who brought us lunch:

which I ate with no lasting side effects, except for a brief transformation:

Sith Lord:

who became Nick Fury:


and then another Sith Lord:

Overall, a good time had by all.


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