Farpoint, the sequel

Today was the first full day of Farpoint. And it was…slow.

Real slow.

Okay, well, that’s a picture taken before it opened but, tell ya, it didn’t feel much busier throughout the day. It seemed like attendees were studiously avoiding us, averting their eyes, even. I mean, wouldn’t you want to buy books from these guys:

wouldn’t you, huh? I mean, we’re nice.


Bippity, boppity, boo:

Not your grand-dad’s Alice:

Exactly how cold is it outside?

I use the Force, not a light saber:

I use a light saber, not the Force:

Space cadets:

Since books sales were pretty dismal, I decided to test drive this:

It’s a Tesla.  A Tesla. All electric. All cool. It can reach 150 mph. One hundred friggin’ fifty miles per hour.

The interior is all movie screen:

The keys stay in your pocket. As you approach the car, the handles fold out. You get in. The keys stay in your pocket. You put your foot on the brake, it starts. You put it in drive. You get on the interstate and you’re doing 60. “Say, test drive sales guy, do you mind if I punch it a bit? No?” So, press the pedal. With no lag nor winding up of engine, and in about two seconds, I am doing 94. “Woooooo-hooooo!!!” my reaction. Press a switch and the car drives itself, staying in lane at 94 mph and maintaining distance while you answer the phone or listen to Slacker Radio. Want to change lanes? No problem, put the blinker on, it changes lanes and speed and following distance until you’re done tuning the radio and get back to driving. It will even back itself out of a parking spot.

I have got to get me one of these.


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