Drive-by interview: 3 questions for R. A Conine, author of Hellpointe

1. How’d you get started writing?

I’ve always been a writer. When I was a kid, I’d write stories, draw pictures for them, staple the pages together, put them in my wagon and walk around the neighborhood giving them away. The neighbors loved the stories, but told my Mom I should stop.

2. What’s your writing method?

It’s stream-of-consciousness. I see the whole story, where it starts and how it ends, so I write the first sentence, the middle sentence, and the ending one. Then I fill in the gaps. That way, I have anchor points. Anchor points are important to us former Navy guys, ya know. I keep the characters pretty much corralled as the story’s progressing, but sometimes I get a surprise and they act out a bit.  What really helps is waiting on an idea to gel. Don’t write it immediately, particularly if you’re excited. Wait a day or two and let it mature. You’d be amazed at the details that come to you over time.

3. Do you have a series planned/in progress?

Several, actually. Finn’s World, the tale of a nine year-old boy stranded alone on an alien planet, is being hosted on Cast of Wonders as a serial audio podcast. Ten episodes of Finn will run over the next year and then they’ll be collected into a novel and an audio book for fans.

Hellpointe, the first novel of the Edge Worlds series, is for sale on Amazon. There will be two more books in the series.

The first book of Somnia Mortis, Dreamtime, is also available for sale on Amazon. Somnia Mortis is about the power of dreams and how they can be manipulated. Scary, and poetic.

R.A. Conine’s website author is located at www.raconine.comHellpointe now has its own page complete with fan artwork at

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