Under the Dumb

I watched the latest episode of Under the Dome off my DVR last night. I erased it. I then cancelled the series.

Good Gawd A’mighty, was that dumb.

It’s been dumb all along, actually. I’ve only watched (endured) the last few episodes hoping one of them would be the last and I could get on with better uses of my time, like caulking the windows or something. But. It. Just. Wouldn’t. Die!!! And this past episode came so close to lobotomizing me that I had to take direct action.

I mean, two episodes ago, the town had a firefight against farmers who had possession of the Only Potable Well, and the heroic and sensitive hit man blew up the Only Potable Well with dynamite and the mean ole councilman killed the meaner ole farmer and Chester Mills now has water because the meaner ole farmer had diverted the town’s reservoir some three or four hundred years ago to his well and the act of blowing it up meant the water was now diverted back to the reservoir. And all this is an issue because the water tower had been knocked down in a previous episode—we’re all going to die—even though the aloof but somehow beneficent Dome provided rainfall to cover the shortage.

And then we find out this week that the town has a big friggin’ lake, deep enough to hold islands with their own resorts and allow speed boating for a couple of hours all along it’s shore, with them, right there, under the Dome. Right there.

What. The. Hell?

And please don’t try to tell me the lake is the now refilled water reservoir. No measly friggin’ farmer well is going to drain the equivalent of Lake Erie.

Let’s not forget the gladiator fights, the ridiculous and laughable mob moll, and the dragon egg that Daenerys Targaryon could probably use.

Stephen King. What. The. Hell?

So, you ask, why did I watch to for so long if it was apparently stupid so early? Well, it’s the Simpsons Movie, and I wanted to see Homer ride around the Dome.

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