The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: Give ’em an inch

Well, winter’s decided to hang around:

Like I care:

It’s only a problem for Russell:

who hasn’t got enough sense to get his own D. Krauss guy and come in from the cold. So, on the rare occasion I went outside for a minute or two (just to see what’s happening; gotta keep a paw in), Russell comes running over and starts calling me a sellout and a leech and a traitor, yadda yadda yadda.

Oh, baby, you hurt me so much:

But, after a couple of weeks, things began to change. First of all, that D. Krauss guy put a bed out for Russell:

A real nice one, waterproof and warm, and Russell starts acting all grateful:

Next thing you know, D. Krauss has put together this godawful bubble-wrapped contraption and put the bed inside, and Russell now has a condo!

Okay, fine, give Russell some credit, he played this well.

But you know how it is, camel’s nose under the tent, or, in this case, whisker in the door, and the other day, I’m at work, keeping the sofa warm, when I hear something:

I get up to take a look, and I can’t believe my eyes:

It’s Russell!

Eating! My! Food! And the LOOK he gives me!

I check the food to make sure he hasn’t eaten it all:

And then, it’s on:

Well, things got a little confused after that. Upshot, I’m going to hide out for awhile:

Just until things calm down.


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One Response to The Adventures of Gracie the Wander Cat: Give ’em an inch

  1. Cat Connor says:

    Breezy is now a happy little camper. 🙂 She does love the adventures of Gracie. xx