Busy, busy, busy…

…the entire past weekend, starting a little early on Thursday when Mother Nature showed up:

and dumped 7 1/2 inches on me, turning the construction site next door into a scale model of Murmansk:

Before the city allowed installation of a toxic waste dump next door, I had a normal sized driveway that took a normal amount of time to clear. But, now, I have a driveway NASA recently designated as an emergency shuttle landing site:

and clearing off the snow is a bit of a job.

The little snowblower that could:

Old school selfie:

Sergeant, our suspect is a knock-kneed dufus wearing combat boots:

Detective, we found him:

So, after about five hours of continuous electricty and steely resolve, success:

But, man, was I beat. Too beat to go to the first movie of Lost Weekend III, which was a film festival put on by the Winchester Film Club, headed by that force of nature, Andy Gyurisin.

But I DID go to the next 15 movies, over the Friday through Sunday, and I gotta say, I gotta say, I will probably never, ever EVER do 15 movies over three days ever again. At least, until the next time.

And those movies were:

1. Inherent Vice. WTF?

2. Chappie. Creation and existence and the soul and wow, just wow.

3. Zero Motivation: Slacking goes international.

4. Human Capital: People just suck.

5. Amira and Sam: People are freakin’ great.

6. It Follows: Abstinence makes the heart beat longer.

7. Song of the Sea: Magic. Pure magic.

8. The Mafia Only Kills in Summer: Coming of age, unrequited love, and other kinds of mayhem.

9. Man From Reno: Japanese noir, about three scenes longer than it should be.

10. The Connection: A film about as long as the case inspiring it.

11. What We Do in the Shadows: Freakin’ hilarious.

12. Take Me to the River: Back when music was real.

13. Kumiko the Treasure Hunter: It’s just a movie. Really, Kumiko, it’s just a freakin’ movie.

14. Tracks. Thinking maybe golf would have been a better hobby.

15. White God. A Snausage or two would have solved the whole problem.

More to say on these later. Now, I’m going to take a week off ’cause, you know, all that movie watching? Grueling. Just grueling.

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