Not that Ludwig

I have a bunch of photos from the trip to Germany back in December, like these from Ludwigsburg Palace, which is about 30 miles…or kilometers or whatever the hell it is…south…or east or whatever the hell it is…of Heilbronn.

Nice place.

Winchester Film Club is everywhere.

The palace was built by Eberhard Louis, Duke of Wurttemberg, who was quite the character. He built the palace and the surrounding town as a place to stash his mistress, that is, until it looked like he was going to lose everything because he had no legitimate heir so he dumped the mistress and ran back to his wife but died of a heart attack before wifey could produce said heir, so lost everything, anyway. Oh well.

The town:



The place was a bit packed because of the Christmas market:

replete with street performers…

and the only other Eagles fans in Germany:

Stuff to buy:

Them Germans.

The palace…

Wow. Eberhard had visited Louis XIV and decided to build his house along the same lines. Sure did:

Think that’s something? Wait until you see inside:


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