Done. I mean, really done. Sort of.

Col’m, I mean. Again. But, really, this time, I mean it, it’s done.


I still have to run the macros to find words and phrases that I use to the point of annoyance, like “just.” I just use the word ‘just’ just about every other word or so. Just can’t help it because I just like it. And ‘pretty,’ which I use for ‘very,’ pretty much just about all the time.

You get the point.

So, right now, Col’m is coming in at 99, 900 words or so. Once I’m done with the macros, it’ll probably be about 99 even. Then it goes to my editor, Genghis Jane, who will do her own fair share of word slashing, so figure anywhere between 85 -90k in the word count, which, to me, is a little light. If you’re gonna read, read.

There are 46, count ’em, 46 characters in this book so it’s approaching Russian novel status but I’ve thrown in short biographies of everyone, including the briefly mentioned, in an appendix for easy reference. Seemed the best thing to do. If I’d back-storied every one of them, Col’m would be close to 200k words.


No, no, that’s enough. So, given editing and formatting and the creation of a cover, think maybe…April? Yeah, that sounds about right.

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