Should I call Father Karras or Father Moore?

Continuing the trend of a writer boring the crap out of you by writing about writing, I’ve experienced a rather rare event this week— a dream. Now, yes, like everyone else I dream all the time, quite vividly and in color (although I don’t know if that old wives’ tale holds water anymore), and they’re usually mini-epics. Like last night, when I left the back of my house and began an extraordinary journey across fields and rivers and construction sites, sticking around for a Jamaican yard party at one point, before my brother, 12 years old in the dream, fetched me home. We all have those dreams. But, earlier this week, I woke up from a dream that was a full blown short story, from beginning to end. I sat up, went “Wow,” and immediately ran for the computer and started writing it. It’s almost finished. And it’s a doozy, if I may so humbly say myself.

This has happened to me only one time before, resulting in the story “Cistern,” which you can find in (WARNING!! Crass and shameless product plug follows!) Moonlight, available at your local Amazon stores (click on the link. G’head, g’head!). I thought it was a one-off, but here it happens again. Has it ever happened to you? I don’t mean stories that are based on a dream; there’s lots of those. I mean dreams that are the complete story itself, including the characters and all the events.

And given the nature of Cistern and this almost burnished-to-perfection story, I’m thinking maybe there’s some Prozac in my future. Or an exorcism.


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7 Responses to Should I call Father Karras or Father Moore?

  1. cat connor says:

    I dream stories. (No kidding)
    Always have. Mostly they’re pretty good. 🙂


  2. Falcon says:

    Yes, I’ve had dreams that were stories…though the ones I can think of offhand didn’t have very satisfying endings. Perhaps that mirrors my difficulty writing endings when I’m awake!

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had one I felt worth writing out, though. Even the ones with plots tend to be a bit too odd, I think, to appeal to anyone else. Really cool that you’ve twice been able to do that. I bet it’s because you write regularly and are honing your skill to the point that you can even write in your sleep…quite literally!

    Since I’m the queen of segues…I’m not sure why, but your post suddenly made me think of Moving in Stereo by The Cars. So I had to buy it, of course, along with a couple of other songs. And I’ll be downloading Moonlight, once I can figure that out. While I was on iTunes getting Moving in Stereo, I also downloaded the Kindle app for the iPad. Looking forward to reading it!