Grab it While You Can

A free copy of The Ship to Look for God because, tout suite, it’ll be gone.


‘Cause it’s dreck.

A few months ago, I re-read it in prep for the next series of Ship stories and, man, it’s awful. Just awful. Poorly written, poorly edited, and, apparently, some of the text was dropped or twisted during formatting. Very unprofessional.

Some things you just shouldn’t do yourself.

So, I apologize to everyone who suffered through it. I’m revising it even as we speak and a much better copy will soon be available. For free, of course. It’s the least I owe you.

What about the other two, Ship Looking and Ship Finding? They remain because I haven’t checked them yet: too appalled by the first one. Besides, looks like no more than ten or twelve people have read them, anyway. Probably because the first one is dreck.

Dreck, I say.

But not for long. 

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