Tomb Stories: Apache cemetery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

Creepiness: 2 stars.

Coolness: 5 stars


Way out on the far end of the Ft. Sill range, is one of the saddest cemeteries I’ve ever seen. This explains why:

I ain’t buying the forced cheerfulness. This is not a happy place.

The main attraction, of course, is who’s buried here:

Like Geronimo: 

And a few others:


How’d you like to go up against a warrior named Chief Loco?

James Kaywaykla was quite the badass. Wrote a book about his life:

Jason Betziniz was equally a badass, and also wrote a book:

This guy didn’t write a book, as far as I know. Didn’t last long enough:

Apache kids didn’t last very long, either:


And the women. Just so…alone.


In the shadow of Mt. Scott,

so very far from home.


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4 Responses to Tomb Stories: Apache cemetery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

  1. Wahnne Clark says:

    Memorial Day, May 27,2013,we will place (at own expense) 114 flags on the known graves in the Indian Agency Cemetery. By special permission, Fort Sill will leave the gate to the secured airfield open from sun up to sun down. All are invited. This is the second year in a row we have done this.

  2. Wahnne Clark says:

    If you think this is sad, take a look at our web site and the saga of the Indian Agency Cemetery. Abandoned for 97-plus years, defiled, markers destroyed, actually used as a landing field, etc.

    Check it out.

    • admin says:

      I wish I had known about this while I was out there. I’d like to have included it. Good on ya, mate, and the work you’re doing.