A member of the Community

The NBC TV show, I mean. It is the only show I watch on that network, which may explain why NBC came in fifth behind Univision  during sweeps. And since Community only draws about 2-3 million viewers lately, looks to me like Al Jazeera may be picking up another network real soon.

And that’s a shame, because Community is the kind of show we toffs are supposed to like: witty, edgy, completely irreverent, funny as crap, and so rapid fire I have to back the DVR up several times just to catch everything. Not only are the riffs and interplay a scream, but there’s always something insane going on in the background. It’s two! Smack! Two! Two shows in one!

Now, admittedly, the show has a penchant for over-the-toppedness which can be off-putting, like the opening show of season four. Fortunately, those are rare enough, like the occasional derecho, that you can endure them and still enjoy your summer. More typical are the ones like last week’s Inspector Space Time convention. What? You think that was over the top? Man, you have no idea.

So, give it a whirl. Watch Season 1 first, if you can, otherwise you’re going to be clueless. But, do it soon because, with these ratings and Dan Harmon’s departure,  I don’t think you’re going to have Dean Pelton to dress up anymore.


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