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The Case of the Missing Author

Tj O’Connor and I had such a good time at Monster Mania last week (see below), that we decided to induce heart attacks and go do the Collingswood Book Festival in Collingswood, NJ, the next week. Since my brother (seen here with his … Continue reading

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Monster Mania 2014

Had so much fun at last year’s Monster Mania that I wanted to go again, but not alone because, well, monsters. So, Tj O’Connor agreed to watch my back and the two of us hied to Hunt Valley, books and banners … Continue reading

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Yard Sale

Boy, if that title doesn’t get me more Google hits, then nothing will. I set up a table in Middletown, VA, this past Saturday for the infamous Route 11 Yard Crawl: Like the banners? I got up at 0400 to drive … Continue reading

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I went back to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, a few weeks ago because my son graduated from Army Basic Training: Yes, ladies, he is one handsome devil. Thank God he takes after his Mom. We attended what the US Army likes … Continue reading

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The trains arrived here and offloaded: You were marched through here: because Arbeit Macht Frei, as it still says on the ironworks. Here you were separated: If you were sent to the right, you got a bunk: and a communal bathroom: … Continue reading

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Another reason to live in Ulm

In Ulm, you don’t go to the bar, the bar comes to you.  

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I want to live here

Ulm. The Blue, from a shop window located next to it: The tallest steeple in the world: I thought Ulm was on the Danube, but my sister said it was on the Donau. Or Doner. Or something like that: One tipsy … Continue reading

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