Yard Sale

Boy, if that title doesn’t get me more Google hits, then nothing will.

I set up a table in Middletown, VA, this past Saturday for the infamous Route 11 Yard Crawl:

Like the banners?

I got up at 0400 to drive down there and set up. I’d forgotten there was even an 0400, but, yeah, there is. It’s best to avoid it, in my opinion.

This is what it looked like at dawn:

An hour later:

The pictures don’t do it justice. The place was mobbed.

The delightful young couple next to me, Jason and Kalley, were doing gangbusters. No sooner would they sell out a table full of kids clothes then they would restock it with more kids clothes, which was all snapped right up. I asked them, “Where’d you get all those kids clothes?” They said they had a daughter. One.

Has to be the best dressed little girl in America.

Me? I sold three books. 3.

Shoulda brought kids clothes.

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