Losing Losing Cable

Ah, the good things, they come to that proverbial end, and this past weekend we bid a fond adieu to Jason Smith’s Losing Cable series by having a back-to-back viewing of all the episodes. Because Jason is a Big Bang kind of guy (interpret that any way you want), we all met in Shepherdstown, WV to go out in that manner.

Shepherdstown is nice, in that Old Towns of the Shenandoah Valley way:

There’s a lot of towering structures in the town, like the Teacher’s College:

Pretty sure that’s the old clock tower, so be circumspect, or it’s 1.21 gigawatts for you.

The Trinity Church:

A plaque in the churchyard advised there was a brick from the original Jamestown Settlement set in the steeple, visible from a side street:

Good luck with that.

The send-off was in the Opera House:

People were thinner back then.

Jason, high on stress and coffee, welcomed us:

The place was packed…okay, there’s only 15 seats in the auditorium, but still. Some of the audience:

Dan Thunderstone and friend.

Moms and cousins and friends.

Grips and fx guys and curious onlookers.

Then the show started and, I gotta say, seen back-to-back,including the proto Losing Cable episodes, the series is a treat. Freakin’ hilarious, and I was giggling the whole time, even though I’d seen the individual episodes as they came on line. Something about continuity.

Then the last episode (not on line yet, so keep checking back), which, of course, had Odin…for about twenty seconds. So, all those grueling hours, dying of heat stroke in my undercloak and armour in the middle of a broiling, bug-infested field, Jason screaming at me until I cried (he’s a cruel and heartless director), having chickens and grapes mashed into my face and tanakrds of ale (CranGrape, whatever) poured over my head and down my pants, for twenty seconds of screen time?

I’m beginning to suspect Jason was messing with me.

Anyways, it was over, and we had the obligatory crazy cast picture, with some old guy hovering at the end hoping for residual glory:

the young’ins flocking to the after party and drunkeness and search warrants, and me, home to bed.

Jason is now on his way to NYC for bigger and better things. Perhaps a feature film or two, from original source material?


Hello? Anyone there?

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