Tomb Stories: Pioneers and Hard Scrabble

In Waythehelloutthere Virginia, there’s this little church:

Timber Ridge Primitive Baptist, with this little cemetery:

where some of the first settlers in the Shenandoah Valley were laid to rest, such as the Coe’s, Revolutionary War veterans and pioneers:

The unfortunately named Craven Coe, who “would not live always.”

Tough living up here in the ridges, as the Phillips show:


Mother Phillips lost her infant daughter, then her child, then her husband, and spent thirty-four years alone, before joining them.

Like the Hollidays. Elizabeth, who lost her Harry:

And Myrtle, who lost her Jack:


and then her boys:

Larry Brannon awaits his Ruella:

while he plays with children well before him:


In a quiet place to do so.


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