Should take my own advice

I recently guest blogged at Free Book Dude, basically telling aspiring authors everywhere that there comes a time when you’re done writing, so get on with it. So, guess what I’ve been doing for the past four weeks or so? Yep, rewriting an already completed novel, The Ship to Look for God.

Well, it was more of an edit than a rewrite. The story was written and rewritten to a satisfactory polish about¬†a year ago. But, there’s always a tweak or two, ain’t there? And, as I was tweaking, I was doing things like¬†adding a character or changing one just a bit and, that’s a trap. Because, you can always keep doing that. And keep doing that.

Just. Walk. Away!

So, I did. This morning. This baby’s now ready, all 98,000 words of it.

Look out, world.

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