By the Power of Odin, I Release You!

That Asgardian on yon hill is me. I was playing Odin for the last episode of Losing Cable2

(moment of silence for the end of a great series…okay, back to it…)

and it was quite the hoot.

Here’s where we filmed:

a bug-ridden, hot and rutted field with a lovely view of the Blue Ridge.

The crew, Jason and Scott:

Say, did you know that if you operate a boom mike for an hour, you don’t have to go to the gym?

My mark:

My, what a big spear you have…we’ll just let that comment lie there for a bit.

The transformation begins. From this:

(that’s not my own, personal linen undercloak, but I kinda liked it). To this:

Movie magic.

Action shots:

How I suffer for art.

Chickens were flung, grapes mashed, ale (or Cran-Grape, something like that) quaffed, and weirdos zapped back to Earth.

The episode should be up and running in a few weeks; at least, that’s what Jason said and he’s a crazy worker editor madman so stay tuned. I’ll let you know, and you will watch it or frost giants

might show up at your next barbecue.

So sweareth Odin.

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