I didn’t do a pumpkin this year because none grew in my garden. The few plants that survived the Night of the Woodchucks didn’t bloom. Well, they bloomed, but produced no fruit. Suspect a dearth of honeybees caused that. And butterflies. Didn’t see hardly any of either all summer. Think it’s time to install a beehive in the backyard.

At any rate, I did grow some pretty good corn, and the stalks were lying around doing nothing, so:

Not bad. Enough to give the unwary ‘treaters a chill or two, so turned on the porch light, filled up the candy dish, and waited.

And waited.

And….no one. Just the kid next door, who ended up getting half the candy dish. And it was good stuff, Hershey Bars and things. ┬áNo jellybeans and toothbrushes from me, nosireebob.

Guess I shoulda had a pumpkin.


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