I just watched my DVR’d episode of Community, the Sophie B. Hawkins dance one. What a relief. Things seem to be back on track.

Because the previous episode (which was actually two weeks ago), the one about recruiting the slacker, was just bad. Real bad. Season-ending bad.

I think that’s why the following week they re-ran the InspectorSpaceTimecon one, just to assure us that some studio executive’s idiot son had not, somehow, taken over production. It was like an apology—sorry, fans, we realize the last show was a big stinking turd, so we’re going to show you a good one while we quietly take a few people out back and shoot them.

At least I hope that’s what they did.

Because Community survives only because of the frenzied fanaticism of the three or four of us who love quality TV. We are so tired of shows like Freaks and Geeks and Firefly getting summarily chopped that whenever a rare gem like Community somehow makes it onto the networks, we cling to it like drowners to spars.

But, producer dudes, if you start jumping sharks, we’re oudda here.

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