I am under constant spam assault. Seems like I spend a good half hour a day erasing ridiculous spammed comments and I guess I should get with my website guy, Mike at ktf designs (hit the link below) and do something about it. But some of them are pretty entertaining, like these:

In notion I would like to put in writing like this additionally.

Continue to keep up the fairly fantastic operate.

You’ve bewitched your words and you walk off your judgments
And stick them onto all
If it don’t coincide with to what you were born into,
Then you take french leave the other trail.

During the striving between Francis I and Charles V serious damage was caused next to the mutation of the armies invading Provence; pestilence and scarcity raged in the new zealand urban area on the side of a few years.

So, let’s have a contest. Your assignment is to use these as writing prompts. Use them any way you want, but let’s make this a flash fiction thing, so no more than 100 words (and here I hate flash fiction with a passion. Guess it does have some uses). Feel free to put your results in Comments.

The winner, judged solely by me with no criteria other than what moves me at the moment, will get my two story collections for free. Deadline? Eh, coupla weeks or so from now. Whenever.

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