Let’s Do the Time Warp Again…

I went to MonsterMania again this year. It was in the same place, the Hunt Valley Inn. I set up my table in exactly the same spot:

right next to the same guy, Tj O’Connor:

Deja vu all over again, and I immediately suspected a time fold of some kind, except there were subtle differences. Tj and I had a new book each, f’rinstance. Abby showed up as expected, but, this time, not in costume. And, she added Dalton:

Captain Mango was there, but this time with the quite lovely Jenny Jannetty:

Damn photobombers.

The quite lovely Jenna Manson showed up, sans bunny mask:

We love Jenna. Bunny mask or no.

Even some of the costumes were the same. Here’s a group from last year:

Same group this year:

Okay, so, Sam is different, but, c’mon.

These guys from last year:

are these guys this year:

Bigger cleaver, but still.

Now, there were new cosplayers:

(By the way, she’s a nurse. Imagine waking up from a coma and she’s changing your IV…)

including the Killer Queen, who’s quite the guy…gal…whatever:

Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling I had been here before. Even in the bar Saturday night. Last year, it was girl-on-girl vampire action. This year, there were untoward activities, but different, such as floggings. And wrestling matches. I got bulldogged by the lovely Jenny, who can bulldog me anytime she wants to:

Damn photobombers.

I guess I’ll have to go again next year to verify if this is, indeed, some kind of warp thing. And get a rematch.

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