Pudding Fist

They gave the Fist to Colleen Wing.

Are you kidding me?

Now, before you leap on your feminist high horse and give me all that I-am-woman-hear-me-Kiaa crap, understand that it’s not grrl power or anything like that which sparks my incredulity. It is the baffling lack of logic behind what was obviously a pandering, politically correct  move. What baffling lack of logic, you inquire? Well, like, say, what is the reason or purpose for K’unlun? I mean, if all you need is some old Fist blood and a brand new tattoo, then why the deuce do you have to spend your entire life training to fight a dragon?

Danny Rand got rooked. Danny Rand should ask for his life back.

Other considerations, like, why didn’t Davos think of this earlier? Why didn’t his Mom? How in the blue blazing hell does a former member of the Hand end up with the Fist? And what the heck is that last sequence with Fist Bullets?

This is not Iron Fist. It’s not even a reasonable facsimile. I think the closest the writers ever came to it was glancing at an Iron Fist comic book cover on a newsstand as they were driving by. I actually started rooting for Davos. At least he understood what the Fist was for.

Upside, the fighting was better this season and you got to actually SEE the Fist,

which is why I upgraded it from Jell-o to Pudding. But it was still nonsensical. Colleen is a good basic-level sword instructor but a martial arts master? No. Not even close. A guy who spent twenty years practicing mystic martial artists and fighting a dragon is, however, and certainly doesn’t need some iffy samurai showing him how to fight. And a Japanese girl and a white boy telling the Tongs they must give up their centuries’ old traditions? Well, why don’t you invade Manchuria and machine gun the Boxers while you’re at it?

Other upsides: Typhoid Mary as the female Punisher and Misty Knight coming into her own, although her cyborg arm should be far more badass than it is. I would love to see Misty in her own series…own. With Colleen and Jessica Jones. That would be badass. How ’bout a team-up between Typhoid and Punisher? Oh, man. Get the popcorn.

But there aren’t enough upsides to save the show and it looks like Netflix has figured that out and thrown in the towel. Good. Iron Fist is one of my favorite Marvel characters  and what they did to him was criminal.

Matt Murdock should sue them.

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